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Papaya and Pumpkin Mask

Papaya and Pumpkin Mask


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Papaya and pumpkin work to hydrate and nourish uneven skin tones, sensitive, sunburned or rosacea-affected skin. The moisturizing ingredients nourish and calm while healing.

•Nourishes the skin with soothing and healing ingredients
•Strenthens the skin’s resistance and immunity
•Leaves complexion appearing bright and even
•Skin appears smoother and calmer

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Pumpkin – Natural AHA gently exfoliates to remove superficial dead skin cells while minimizing the appearance of pores. Vitamins work to heal skin – easy as pie.

Papaya – Enzymes break down and remove dead skin cells, healing and restoring damaged cells.

Honey – Rich in antioxidants, natural anti-bacterial power and moisture-restoration properties, this is the bee’s knees!

Pineapple Extract – Natural fruit enzymes increase cell turnover and brighten the skin.

Glycerin – Provides long-lasting, intense moisture retention – we’re talking weeks, not days.

Clove Flower & Cassia Bark – Gentle exfoliation promotes healing.