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Clear Skin Program

Are you ready to find out the pieces of the puzzle that are contributing to your skin’s frequent or infrequent breakouts?  The Clear Skin Program is exactly what you need and may have been missing all along.

Together, we will navigate through lifestyle, diet, medications, cosmetics & MORE!  You will learn about what kind of acne you have and gain the knowledge and products that will assist in bringing your skin back to its optimal health. During this guided session, you’ll learn how our system works, what products are best for you, and the services you’ll need moving forward.

*You should expect to pay approximately $150 for your initial set of home care products.



A consultation is required before beginning the Clear Skin Program

Express Clearing Treatment


This service consists of either a hydrating enzyme treatment or a very mild peel that will help to encourage cell turnover and allow for easier extractions.

Ultimate Clearing Treatment


This service combines the effectiveness of the Express Clearing Treatment and amplifies the speed of clearing by utilizing our FDA approved Celluma LED Panel.  While you enjoy a 30 minute beauty nap, the red and blue light both work simultaneously to reduce inflammation, kill bacteria and prevent future breakouts while also stimulating essential collagen production.

LED Treatment


Want to speed up the clearing process even more? You can schedule LED treatments on the weeks in between your Clearing Treatments. This stand alone light therapy session helps to accelerate the clearing process.  We want you to have the opportunity to have a little bit more control over the rate in which your skin clears.