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Mint Poppy Seed Polish

Mint Poppy Seed Polish


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This dual-use polish works as an exfoliating scrub and mask to brighten and smooth skin with the help of ecofriendly buffers and a dose of alpha-hydroxy acids. Resurface and rejuvenate with this product alone, or add to your favorite Sorella Apothecary cleanser for added exfoliation.

•Acts as a mask and exfoliant in one
•Reduces excess oil and evens skin tone
•Calms inflamed acne lesions
•Improves skin clarity and texture
•Buffs away dead skin cell buildup

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Poppy Seed – A gentle, natural exfoliant that renews the skin without over-the-top irritation.

Sweet Almond Oil – Go nuts with this stuff, because high levels of essential fatty acids repair skin’s barriers and provide skin-quenching benefits.

Kaolin Clay – Gently draws out impurities without stripping the skin.

Lactic Acid – Cleopatra’s legendary beauty secret was said to be milk baths – and we can see why. AHA naturally found in milk improves skin’s texture and tone while keeping it moisturized.

Bearberry – This natural skin lightener balances and brightens the skin, while providing additional antioxidants.

Sage Leaf Extract – No need to consult a sage. If you seek balance and hydration, this is the answer.

Caffeine – Your skin sips caffeine for increased circulation and increased oxygen levels, which in turn eliminate bacteria.

Ecobeads – Biodegradable beads that gently and effectively exfoliate the skin, leaving it renewed and hydrated without polluting our oceans with harmful plastics!